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A Multi Hyphenate

Ademusoyo is an engineer, a designer, a public speaker, a writer, an entrepreneur, and more. For her, all of these things align with who she is as a person, how she sees the world now, and what she hopes for the future.

She is passionate and works hard to ensure in each of these facets of her life, she is conveying, creating, and implementing 110%.

An Avid Learner.

Ademusoyo has learned through both traditional and non-traditional methods. Her process in finding new things to learn is centered around what helps her build her brand, change her perspective, and find ways to give back to the community in a positive way.

Previous/Current Courses:

An Advocate

Ademusoyo's drive and motivation stems from being the change she wishes to see.

Through her experiences both personally and professionally, she has been able to see first-hand why there are so few women of color in her industry and what needs to be done in order to spark change.

She understands the intersections of tech and society and how the world needs technologists who are focused on the consumers.

She wants to be the voice of change and to spark new conversations and ideologies.

Personal Blog

Ademusoyo aspires to inspire others by sharing her journey and hopefully providing her tips and tricks along the way. She is passionate about creating, building, and investing in products and ideas that showcase people's passions and makes a long impact to society.

She created a blog as a place to put it all out there. Here you’ll find her design case studies, technical tutorials and insights, her travel tips, and so much more. Her hope is that you find something here that you can identify with and learn from.

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Society x Tech

Society x Tech [pronounced Society by Tech] is a monthly curated newsletter exploring how society is impacted by technology trends. The goal of this newsletter is for readers to analyze the technologies that they use day to day and how it has impacted the world as well as for makers to think holistically when beginning to make new products into the ecosystem.

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MacScientists is a social enterprise platform aimed at uplifting women of color and changing the face of STEM. We do so by showcasing our lives, careers, and our thoughts on things going on in the world around us through blogging as well as on social media.

We host workshops, webinars and provide coaching/mentorship to help others achieve their goals and see that there is more than one way of being successful in STEM as well as that WE are the face of STEM.

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Speaking Engagements

Ademusoyo has the abilitiy to discuss various topics including but not limited to career navigation, technology trends, engineering, and diversity. Through her talks audience members walk away with tangible and actionable takeaways no matter what the skill level or demographic.

Previous Talks Given:

  • How to Visualize Data With React
  • Functional React Components: Build Your Own Design System
  • Decoding Coding Tutorials

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Ademusoyo strives to understand the software development process from end to end which led her to learn more about design, marketing, branding and more. Interested in working with her? Find out how you can

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