Ademusoyo Awosika-Olumo

(pronounced: Ah-day-moo-sho-yo Ah-woah-she-ka Oh-loo-mo) Nigerian born, Houston raised, and New York City living software engineer, designer, public speaker content creator and more.

My multi-passions fuel my desire to do more within my life and to help others. Whatever I’m doing I’m working hard to ensure in each of these facets of her life, I am conveying, creating, and implementing 110%.

I aspire to inspire others by sharing my journey and hopefully providing my tips and tricks along the way.

I am passionate about creating, building, and investing in products and ideas that showcase people's passions and makes a long impact to society.

So I created this blog as a place to put it all out there. Here you’ll find my design case studies, my technical tutorials and insights, my travel tips, and so much more. My hope is that you find something here that you can identify with and learn from.

Let’s stop figuring out how you’re going to do something and just do it.

Let’s work together to make that happen. Together we can design, iterate, and strategize to make your passions a reality.

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