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5 Ways To Constantly Stay Motivated

5 Ways To Constantly Stay Motivated

We all have goals that we are trying to work towards achieving whether it be personal, career, or business-wise. However, there are times that it can be tough to stay motivated when working towards achieving your goals especially when it seems like you aren’t seeing any results. If you’re looking for ways to allow yourself to stay motivated, keep reading for my five tips.

Key Points

  1. Remind yourself of why you are working towards achieving your goals.
  2. Find people who would hold you accountable.
  3. Find opportunities to establish balance to prevent yourself from burnout
  4. Keep track of your goals
  5. Find ways to celebrate yourself.

Remind yourself of your why

One things that help me stay motivated is reminding myself of my why. While there are a lot of things I really enjoy doing, there are a lot of things that I don’t enjoy doing as much and that can sometimes lead to being unmotivated and not wanting to do the work that I need to do. However, I always try to make sure that what I’m working on aligns to the bigger picture and the goals that I have for myself, my brand, and my business. By creating that alignment, it allows me to reinforce in my head that I am working towards something that is bigger than this project or task that I am working on right now.

If you’re struggling to really understand your why for your business, go back and clarify your mission, your purpose and your values for your brand. When you understand and are anchored into those elements of your brand, you can use that as your guiding compass for when times get hard.

Find Accountability Partners

When it comes to achieving your goals and staying motivated to reach them, you don’t have to do them alone. Entrepreneurship can be a pretty isolating experience and going through the ups and downs can be tough especially when you’re trying to do it alone. For me, I find that relying on my community of friends especially friends who also run a business can be so refreshing especially going through the ups and downs of running a business. It makes me feel less alone and it’s also a great way to bounce some of your ideas together.

You can find accountability partners through group coaching programs, masterminds, Facebook groups and social media. When you’re having trouble staying motivated, reach out to your accountability partners to help you stay on the course.

Find ways to create balance

Rest is just as important as the hustle. Often times I find myself looking at my never ending to do list and I am always thinking to myself, “wow, I am never going to finish this” and I keep trying to hustle and move quickly. However, lately I've been discovering that I really just need more rest. I really need more time to sit and reflect on what it is that I want to do, make time to clear my head and just relax. When I create time to relax, I find that I am able to work more efficiently with the specific time that I’ve given as opposed to giving myself ample time and working alot slowly.

I also find that I need to make more time for my friends and family. My friends and family are some of the most important people to me and I never want to make them feel that they are not a priority. When I take the time away to spend with my family and friends, I come back feeling refreshed which helps me stay motivated.

Keep track of your progress

From day to day, it’s hard for me to see that the work that I am putting forth within my business is actually making a difference. Not every post leads to an instant lead, I haven’t gone viral yet, and my services aren’t booked out. That being said, I am making consistent revenue within my business, I have clients who I really enjoy and I am growing and learning each and every day about how to be a better entrepreneur. We all have to start somewhere and if you have the archives to show where you started, it will make your journey all that more special to you and your progress.

My favorite ways to keep track of my progress within my business, is to keep up with my monthly KPIs and to always keep a journal. Seeing the numbers used to scare me, but it has been proven to be empowering and to help me make better decisions within my business and to really see how far I’ve come. Don’t be afraid to document your journey you never know how that story can leave an impact on someone else.

Make sure you celebrate yourself

I will be the first one to admit that I am really bad at celebrating myself. However, now I’m realizing how it important it is to set celebratory milestones for yourself as you work towards accomplishing your goals to stay motivated. Lately I feel that I find ways to avoid doing what needs to be done in order to be able to do less and then feeling indifferent when things don’t turn out the way that I intended them to. But I know that I’m capable of doing more and I know that I want to do more and I need more motivation in order to get towards that goal. By finding ways to treat myself, it’s a way of nurturing myself and showing that while I can work hard and handle the things that I need to get done, I can also take care of myself and tend to the needs that I have.

One thing that you can try and do is plan for yourself a big reward and create different milestones that will help you reach that goal. For example, maybe your big reward for yourself is planning a trip after you complete each little milestone towards your bigger milestone finalize one aspect of the trip like your location, accommodations, flights, etc. As you find little ways to get yourself more and more excited for this trip, this will help you stay more and more motivated as you work towards completing your goals.

I hope that as you work towards completing your goals you are able to stay motivated using my tips! If you need some help figuring out how your content can help you achieve your goals, book a consult call and let’s chat.

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