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6 Ways To Monetize Your Personal Brand Online In 2022

We're all about getting the bag and 2022. And I'm here to make sure you do it strategically and alignment to your values. In this video, we're going to be talking about the ways that you can monetize your personal brand. By the end of this video, you'll have five money making tips that you can implement today!

6 Ways to Monetize Your Personal Brand

  1. Brand Partnerships
  2. Speaking Engagements & Workshops
  3. Membership Communities
  4. Digital Products
  5. Live Events
  6. Sell a Service

Brand partnerships

The most common ways that you can start monetizing your personal brand on social media is through brand partnerships. Now, brand partnerships are where you're working with a specific company to advertise their product, or their service to your audience. And you don't actually have to have the super huge following in order for you to be able to do that, you just have to really understand who your audience is. And it's also really great if you work with companies who you're already working with, or you already use in your day to day life.

Speaking engagements and workshops

Another really great way. And probably one of my favorite ways to monetize your personal brand is through speaking engagements and workshops. And I personally think that doing speaking engagements and workshops is a really great way to increase your brand awareness and build your authority. And it's really scalable, because you're able to kind of come up with one signature talk and kind of change it up a little bit depending on your audience, and religious keep building and increasing your speaker fees as well as just increasing your overall awareness and just really good source of income.

Membership communities

If you have a really strong following and presence on social media, I highly recommend you consider building a membership community. Within a membership community, you can offer exclusive content, like additional videos or trainings, really start to get to know some of your followers on a more personal level, there are a lot more scalable, so you can just continue adding people into the community. But they're by no means a passive income stream, so you're definitely going to have to put in that work. But if you do it and you do it successfully, you've built yourself a business.

Digital products

If you're looking for a more passive way to make income from your personal brand, I highly recommend trying to create some digital products like worksheets or templates, or courses. Once you create that content, you just have to keep promoting and advertising it. But essentially, you're able to make money in your sleep. With digital products, it's really helpful to create them in alongside of something that you're already doing so that when you are ready to launch that digital product, people already know kind of what it is, and they're just ready to buy.

Live events

Now if you're someone who can curate a good vibe then hosting in person events is the perfect thing for you to do. In an event where you can gather some like minded people together to fellowship Network Connect, or just chill out and really just enjoy each other's company, set the mood, set the intention, and you will for sure have an unforgettable event that people are always going to be looking forward to the next one.

Sell a service

If you're an expert in something or you feel like you can teach and help someone with something, selling a service where you're either offering coaching consulting, or like done for you offers is a really great way to start to monetize your personal brand. As a service provider, you're going to be able to draw people into you based off of how you're able to connect with them. And especially if you if you're able to solve their problem, they'll even be more ready for you to buy. And that's really what's gonna separate you from other service providers who are doing what you're doing, because you've taken the time to really draw people in with who you are as an individual.

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