7 Steps to Working With Clients To Design Beautiful Websites

1 min. read

Here are my steps on designing beautiful websites for my clients.



I take the time to understand you're problem engaging and setting the tone for a collaborative experience.



Once I have an understanding of your problem, I provide you with a proposal of the steps needed to reach your solution. Once we're in agreement, we can begin the work.



Now, I start sketching and wireframing different ideas based on a combination of competitive analysis, user personas, and user flows.



Together, we use the wireframes/sketches to make sure we're on the same page. This could take a couple times, however, it isn't a problem.



Before we can bring our ideas to life, we need to determine a brand identity. Through this I will get a better understanding of what you want your product to be and construct different color palettes that I think would be a good fit in telling your story.



Now we bring our lo-fi wireframes with our color and real-life images. It's here that we will see how things will look on a phone or computer.



Finally, I develop functional prototypes and deliver finished products through frontend development.