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How Many Content Pillars For Social Media Do You Need?

The best quality content is content that has come from a place of innate creativity. The best way you can do that is to provide yourself a bit of a framework to get those brainstorming juices flowing in a way that is structured and purposeful and your content pillars do just that. If you’d like to know and understand the exact same content pillar strategy that I use for my client’s content keep reading.

Key Points

  1. What are content pillars?
  2. Why do you need content pillars?
  3. How many content pillars do you need?

What are content pillars?

Your content pillars are overarching themes in relation to your brand or business, it should cover a little bit about you as well as a little bit about your business while tying into your long term business goals. They should allow you to educate and inspire and encourage your audience as well as showcase your expertise. Having these content pillars allow you to brainstorm new ideas a lot quicker, because you're focusing in on specific topics rather than trying to brainstorm anything and everything under the sun. Your content pillars allow you to communicate your brand message in a clear way to your audience in a way that also ties into your business direction so that every piece of content you post is intentional.

Why do you need content pillars?

Content pillars are essential because they allow you to stand out amongst everyone else within your industry, although others within your industry may be doing the exact same thing as you, you are offering your audience unique value through your content pillars being a lot different to theirs. Adding a personal element to your brand, is really going to be how you stand out and what's really going to make you unique as well as relatable to your audience. Everyone could be covering the exact same ideas, but not everyone is going to cover them exactly like you. Content pillars are also great ways for you to evaluate how your content is doing.

Often times without the structure of content pillars it can be easy to post content that isn’t in line with your business direction or customer journey, without everything being in alignment with this your content serves no purpose. Additionally, in terms of performance, content pillars will help you to keep a track of this from month to month as rather than looking at your content holistically you can dig deeper and fine tune your strategy.

How many content pillars do you need?

The true answer is, it really depends. If you're just starting out with creating content, I definitely recommend you start with three content pillars. If you are more advanced in your content creation process, then I definitely recommend you lean towards having five content pillars. You want to be able to talk about each of those content pillars at least three to four times on a given platform for a month, you don't want to just talk about one of your content pillars and then that’s all you talk about in a given week. Rather, you want to keep reinforcing those ideas on social media as to what your brand is, what it is about, and what you are offering your customer this way your audience know exactly what they can come to you for.

Let’s use me for example, I have five content pillars that I talk about on social media productivity, personal branding, content, strategy, tech, and a little bit about myself and being an entrepreneur. The reason I do this is because I am a content marketing strategist so a big part of what I am offering my clients is content marketing and personal branding solutions and strategies. Additionally, I am super passionate about productivity and feel that productivity is really key in how you build your brand and start creating content and I also want people to know a little bit about the person behind the brand while getting to know me a little bit better. This is important for my audience to feel that they can trust and really build community amongst my little corner of the internet.

I want to place a heavy emphasis on having no more than five content pillars, because if it’s anymore you're going to get confused and your audience is going to get confused as to what it is that you're actually about. If you do feel like you have a lot more to talk about, try to combine some of your content pillars and use subtopics this allows you to reinforce that you are really focused on this overarching theme while allowing you to focus on something a little bit different that makes you stand out amongst the rest.

Are you ready to have your content match your brand and your business goals? Then it's time to make sure that you have the right foundation in place. My Content assessment is going to allow you to self audit exactly what's going on with your in your content strategy and give you the necessary tools and resources for you to get started building up your content and getting you to that next next level. Take the Content Assessment.

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