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How to Create Content that Connects With Your Target Audience

Whether you see yourself as a content creator, or you're an entrepreneur, your ultimate goal should be creating content that connects with your audience. When you create content good content that connects, you're able to generate new leads for your business and ultimately generate more sales for your business. If you're feeling stuck on how to better connect with your content, here are some of my tips that will help you establish that connection.

Key Points

  1. Use your content pillars to establish a connection with your target audience through your content.
  2. Share more of your personal story so that your audience has a better understanding of who you are and why you're the best person for them.
  3. Have a direct call to action that will guide your audience to the next step.
  4. Share content that is educational that helps the problem and solution aware people.
  5. Keep track of your analytics so that you can learn more about what your audience wants so that you can create better programs and offers.

Establish your content pillars

Your audience wants to be able to know what to expect from you and when you are consistently creating content that is centered around the same 3-5 themes relating to your niche or your industry, you're able to further establish your expertise.  Content pillars will establish a solid foundation for your ideas which will allow you to have an easier time brainstorming new concepts for your content.

It's important that you don't have too many content pillars because your audience will struggle to keep up. I recommend that you have just enough content pillars to talk about it once throughout the week. You can leverage your content pillars to invoke different themes and goals like to educate, inspire, or promote your audience. If you have pillars that are similar group them together under one main pillar and have it speak directly to your audience.

Share personal stories to your audience

Humans crave human connection. If you're the face of your brand or business, you need to be relatable to your audience to make your ideal clients feel like they know who you are. When it comes to getting personal with your audience, you don't have to share too much of your life. I recommend you pick one piece of your life that you're comfortable sharing and dive deep into that, share some informations about what is going on behind the scenes, or sharing how you can relate to the experience that your audience is going through. By sharing more of who you are and what your brand represents, you will almost definitely stand out amongst your competition.

Have a direct call to action

Your content is a stepping stone for your services. You should use your content to guide your audience to the next best course of action. It doesn't always have to lead directly to people clicking the link in your bio. You can direct your audience to save your post or comment something meaningful below. It will definitely allow you to connect better with your audience because you've given your audience content that you can not only connect with but can also engage with as well. Here's 4 ways you can engage with your audience.

Educate your audience

Depending on the platform that you're creating content on, you're either attracting people who are problem aware or are solution aware. Problem aware people are people who know they have a problem that they need help solving but they haven't connected with you yet to be able to fix it. Solutions-aware people are people that know that you are the person and they need help getting to the next step. With both problem-aware and solution-aware people you should be figuring out how to better educate your audience. People are going to try to do things themselves before they commit to making an investment to get someone to help them. Your content should help them do it.

Keep up with your analytics

The most important thing you should strive for when creating content is to create content that connects is that you should always show up consistently. This not only establishes better connections with your audience, but it also allows you to better track how your content is performing. Keeping track of how your content performs will allow you to better understand what pieces of content that you can repurpose and remix so that you can really establish your thing that people know you for. When you take a look at your content, you may find a specific part of what you've been saying that can spin off into other services or allow you to niche down even further than where you were before.

If you're ready to establish consistency and really build a brand that connects and resonates with your audience so that you can generate new leads to grow and scale your business. Apply to my Content plan VIP Day to get your custom content-strategy and a multi-platform 90 day content plan.

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