How to learn new coding languages quickly

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At some point in your career as a software developer, you're going to come to a point where you'll be learning a new programming language that may or may not be different than what you've learned before. While it can be a bit of a learning curve, creating a good solid understanding of different data types and start to build your own mental models, you can start to pick up any coding language quickly. Here are some tips to quickly pick up new coding languages.

Identify what type of language it is

Is it an object oriented programming language like java? Is it more of a scripting language like PHP or javascript? Knowing what type of language it is will allow you to figure out how you need to structure your code so that you can start coding quickly.

Don't use any frameworks or libraries

It may seem easy to use popular frameworks, it's best to start with the language first. If you just know how to use the frameworks or different libraries, you're not really going to learn the language which may hurt you in the long run as you try to advance your skillset. Start with the basics and then work towards building yourself up.

Create your own Projects

The best way to learn a language is by doing. Contributing to open source or even creating your own projects are key ways to fully immerse yourself in the language and can really help you advance quickly and a lot more easily than just reading books or doing private tutorials.

Take Notes Every time You Learn Something New

Sometimes you come across something very specific and weird within a language. If something really got you stuck, take inventory of it. Take really detailed comprehensive notes that will enable you to refer back to them when you get stuck and continue to take a pulse on your own understanding. I always go back to my notes every time I hit a road block because it can be a lot easier than trying to look back through different stack overflow pages or scouring the internet.

The developer journey is a never ending but it can be so fulfilling. If you're looking for a quick tool on how to master any coding language, check out my free guide here.

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