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How to Make A Social Media Content Calendar With Notion

When it comes to creating content consistently, not only do you need to have a content strategy, but you also need to have an organizational strategy as well. Otherwise, you're just gonna burn yourself to the ground.  A good organizational system is going to make your content creation process a lot smoother than just having a content creation strategy. In today's video, I'm going to show you how to create your own social media calendar using my favorite app ever - Notion!

What is Notion?

If you haven't heard, notion is an all in one productivity tool, you're able to manage projects, keep track of documents, you can journal, you can do so many things in notion. One of the reasons why I like notion so much is that you're able to build things to your liking. A lot of the tools that you may use are only structured to be used in one way. With notion, you have a blank slate, which allows you to continuously customize and tweak things as your business expands or as you find better ways of being more productive and being more organized.

How Notion Helps Me Stay Consistent

The reason why notion allows me to stay so consistent is because I have a way that I can visually see everything that's going on within not just my whole business, but specifically my content. I can see what content is going to be posted and where I can see the status of the content, like what stage that content is in, and I'm also able to just keep track of analytics and reporting. When it comes to my content and how it's performing on various social platform.

Watch This Demo

If you would like to get your own notion content calendar, click here.

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