You have probably heard about the importance of creating quality content for your business or brand. But what does that mean exactly? In this article, we'll explain what consistency means when it comes to content creation.
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My Process For Creating Consistent Content On Social Media in 2022

My Process For Creating Consistent Content On Social Media in 2022

In order to successfully build your brand online you have to get consistent with your content. Often times many business owners desire consistency but the process to getting there is often the hardest part. If you want to find out my process for creating consistent content on social media that not only attracts but converts my audience, continue reading.

Key Points

  1. Stick to Content Pillars
  2. Batch Your Content
  3. Stick to a Schedule
  4. Take a Break

Stick to your Content Pillars

The reality is that there are so many additional topics I could discuss on social media, but I avoid doing this so that I am able to zero in all of my focus on the points that are relevant to my brand and it’s direction. This is why establishing content pillars are so important, because not only do they provide a good foundation for your brand, but they also allow you to make that brainstorming and ideation process a lot more simpler. This is because you're not trying to think of everything out of the sun, but instead, you're zeroing in on three to five content pillars which means that every piece if content you post is done with intentionality.

Batch Your Content

The second thing that I do when creating consistent content is that I batch my them. This means that no post that I publish on social media is created that same day, I make sure that I plan everything out in one sitting and then I ensure to sprinkle in a couple times during the month to actually create and implement that process. You don't have to plan, create and research all at the same time, instead pick a day at the beginning of the month to plan out all of your content, another day to do the research and then another day for you to create. Even within that creation, you can break it down week by week. Just find the best rhythm that works for you and doesn't have you scrambling to find something the day that something is supposed to go out.

Stick to your schedule

With everything that I do, I ensure that I stick to a schedule. It is so important that when you are creating your schedule, you are creating a schedule that you can maintain and you aren't trying to go too far and create something unrealistic that that you aren’t able to keep up with. So in order to stick to a schedule, create a schedule and make sure that you're actually following through with everything, ensure that you also schedule in your breaks and take them. I know it sounds counterintuitive, because you feel as if being consistent means that you have to be posting all the time, a lot of time in your schedule should actually be more reflective about the content that you're creating. This is because you should create content that aligns with your business.

Take a break

When you take the time to take a break from always having to be on social media, you're able to more so pay attention to the analytics and your KPIs and really track your progress amongst everything else. My number one tool that has allowed me to stay consistent with my content is my content calendar that I have in notion. If you want to grab your own content calendar, click here and get yours!


If you’re ready to not only create consistent content but impactful content that converts and ties into your overall business goals, Take my content assessment so that you can get a full diagnosis as to what you currently need to be focusing on when building your brand with and creating content.

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