Organize your Notion Workspace using the PARA Method

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One of my favorite apps in the entire world is Notion! I've been using Notion since late 2019 but Notion started to really click for me when I saw this video by Marie Poulin. As someone who is multi-passionate and have tons of ideas I've found this method to help me stay better organized, has increased my productivity, and helps me remain focused on my goals. Here's a walkthrough of how I have my Notion Space organized for my business using the PARA method.


My areas (departments) section house the major themes that attribute to my business. These are the things that are constantly ongoing and have various streams of work attributed to them. Your Areas section should be things that have no start or end date just different focuses within my business that will constantly need attention.


My projects section are all things that will have a start and end date. I use my projects section to break down what I'm working on into bit-sized chunks so that I can focus in on what my immediate goals are and what I want to get done.


My resources section contains different notes and links from the learnings that I find on the internet. With these learnings, I'm able to attribute them to other Projects or Focus Areas within my business.


Your archived section usually contains things that you may want to look at later but are inactive. For me, rather than have a dedicated archive section, I have archived section for each of the different parts of the PARA method by adding different views. For me, this helps me keep the data there as well as any other notes or tasks that I may have added.

If you're looking for a way to be more productive and better organized, try out the PARA method and see how you like it. If you would like some assistance getting setting up with Notion, you can book a Strategy call with me here.

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