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How To Solo Travel as a Woman

A couple years ago I traveled to Iceland by myself and it was amazing! I learned so much about myself and truly enjoyed the most amazing and beautiful views. If you're thinking about planning a solo trip soon, here are some tips on staying safe and enjoying yourself!

Do Your Research

Pick a city that is easy to navigate by yourself. Is the city walkable? Is public transportation accessible? Can you Uber? If you can navigate an area by yourself, you're less likely to come across as being vulnerable or strangers coming up to you for help. Plus it makes solo travel all that much more fun!

Plan Your Itinerary and Book Activities in Advance

If you're more of a go with a flow type of traveler, considering booking activities in advance so you have a schedule. It can be hard sometimes to find the motivation when you're by yourself to get up and get active but if you have activities scheduled in advance, you'll be sure to get up and moving.

Stay in a place where you can meet tons of people

I stayed in a hostel when I traveled to Iceland and I honestly loved it! You meet people from all over and it's very noncommittal in the sense that you can do your own thing or you can decide to hang out with them while you're there. If you're not into the hostel life, there's tons of hotels that have that same sort of feel in their lobbies.

Go at your own pace

If you're someone who doesn't like to pack a bunch of things in in one day then don't do that on vacation! Listen to your body and if you're feeling tired, don't overextend yourself! Just go with the flow.

Download Google Maps Offline

Depending on your phone plan, you may not have international roaming but downloading offline maps can be a life saver! Downloading google maps will allow you to have directions offline while you explore the city!

Put Yourself Out There

You're going to probably meet people who are also traveling alone! Don't be afraid to talk to new people, get dinner or go out with them, just go with the flow if it feels right and comfortable for you!

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