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Why Clarifying Your Brand Message is Important

The most important part of your branding, is your brand messaging. Understanding your brand messaging allows you to create a pathway for your customers to understand the problems that you wish to solve and how they can go about solving them. When you have a clear and concise message, the opportunities for you to grow and scale your business and attract your dream clients are unlimited. In my opinion, before you focus on and invest in a logo or a website, you should really work on solidifying and clarifying your brand message. Here are my 4 reasons why clarifying your message is important to continuing to grow and scale your business.

Key Points

  1. Clarifying your brand message allows you to stand out amongst your competitors.
  2. When you clarify your message, your ideal clients and customers will clearly be able to see how you can solve their problem.
  3. When you are clear on your brand messaging, you're able to easily and quickly present your value to your audience.
  4. Once you have a solid foundation and understanding of your brand messaging, you are able to be more intentional with your content marketing strategy.

It allows you to stand out amongst your competitors

When it comes to clarifying your brand messaging, you're able to get a better understanding of your positioning amongst your peers. For example, let's say that you're a business coach. When you look at the market, you will find that there are multiple business coaches out there so what makes you different? That's where you have to dig deeper and get more clear on the type of people that you want to work with. Are you a business coach for small business owners? For fitness professionals? What about hair stylists? Understanding who specifically you want to work with will enable to you to speak directly to your audience which will allow you to stand out and showcase your expertise.

Your clients are able to clearly see how you can solve their problem

Have you ever gone to a website and been confused as to what exactly they did or how they were able to help you? As an online service provider, we are helping our clients get things done quicker, more efficiently, and often times better than they would have for themselves. Because of this, our potential customers need to know clearly how we can solve their problems without the confusion and the headache. When you have clarified your brand message, you are able to outline exactly why your clients needs you and you're able to create your framework for how you work with your clients through your services. Your goal should be to make it easy for clients to understand what you do, how you do it, and the transformation that they will have while working with you.

You will be able to communicate your value to your audience

Let me first start by saying that you are valuable. The work that you're doing is valuable and the clients that you work with will be impacted by the work that you're doing. However, you need to communicate your value in a way that attracts, connects and converts your audience. As entrepreneurs we often think big and have big dreams for what we want our business to look like. However, it's important that we remember to work with the audience that we got. If your current audience isn't your ideal audience, look for ways to continue to expand your brand visibility through multiple social media platforms and promoting your offers concisely and clearly. When you clarify your brand messaging, you can consistently reiterate your value and your impact while continue to expand your reach and increase your brand visibility.

You can be intentional with your marketing strategy

It's time we all started to get more strategic with our marketing strategy especially when it comes to our organic content marketing strategy. Each piece of content needs to tie back to your brand and business goals in order to reinforce your values and build a business that really connects and grows your audience and also leads to new leads for your business to generate more sales because of your services and products. When you are able to be strategic and clarify your brand message, with each piece of marketing material you are able to continuously showcase your expertise and keep building upon your core foundations of your brand. This will enable you to build a digital marketing system that will take the guess work out of what you need to post and allow you to better focus on serving your clients and building a business that generates sales. When you're intentional with your marketing, you can stay within your zone of genius and create content quickly and efficiently.

By clarifying your brand message, you can start to build a business that feels aligned to you as well as with your clients. If you need some help clarifying your brand messaging, apply for my Content Plan VIP Day so that we can get started working together.

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