Are you ready to start creating content consistently?

Let's work together to build your 90 day content plan so that you can take the guess-work out of your content.

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I know why you aren't consistent

It's because you don't have a plan

You're sitting around waiting for inspiration to arrive before and then you're left wondering why you haven't posted anything in a couple weeks.

Your audience has no idea who you are or doesn't want to engage with you because they have no idea what you're posting,

and you're leaving money on the table

Because your audience doesn't see you as reliable and you aren't able to establish the trust and authority that you want your audience to see you as.

You deserve to be seen as an expert for all the value and insight that you provide to your industry.

So let's work for one day to build a custom multi-platform 90 day content plan.

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Cost: Starting Price: $1300 (Payment Plan Available)
are you right for this package?

This package is for you if...

  • You're unclear of how the content that you create maps to the goals of your brand and business.
  • You're tired with not knowing what to post and are constantly being bombarded with the latest trends.
  • You're ready to start creating engaging and consistent content.

This package is not for you if...

  • You're looking for a social media manager.
  • You're not going to analyze how your content is doing so that you can make future posts.
  • You're not willing to add a personal element to your brand.
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The Process

Here's how we get started working together



Fill out the application and let's see if we're a good fit to work together.



Reserve your day and complete the pre-day materials to get started.


Show Up

Get ready to do the work to build out your personalized content plan.
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OnCE the day has arrived...

During the day we will...

  • ClarifyYour messaging, your ideal audience, and your business and brand goals.
  • contributeGenerate a list of ideas that will allow your audience to see your expertise underneath 3-5 content pillars.
  • ConverseCreate an engagement strategy that will help you have more conversations with your audience.
  • CirculateFind ways to circulate your content so that you can continue to expand your reach.

At the end of the day, you'll get...

  • Brand Messaging GuideA full guide of how you need to connect with your audience through your content and your content pillars.
  • PLANA 30 day multi-platform plan that will increase your brand awareness, boost your engagement, and lead to more sales for your business.
  • SystemYou'll have your own marketing system that will allow you to continuously generate new ideas, track and engage with your content.
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