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4 Ways to Engage with Your Audience

Social Media is meant to be conversational. Your conversations do not come to a halt after you post your content, they should be ongoing. However, it can be difficult to truly connect with your audience and grasp the marketing strategies. In order to take cold and unaware followers to hot and ready leads and clients, it takes conversation on a personal level. Here are my 4 tips on how to engage with your audience.

Key Points

  1. Create Compelling Content that speaks to your audience's desires, interests and needs are key
  2. Embody authenticity and transparency throughout your content because people engage with you because of who you and not what you offer
  3. Incorporating call to actions throughout your marketing not only boosts awareness and sales but can increase engagement significantly
  4. It's important to nurture your audience to maintain a loyal and engaged community

Spark conversation through your content

Your content is the first step to successful engagement with your audience. When you post compelling content that your ideal audience have been longing for, your content becomes magnetizing. It's important to take time to craft a content strategy that is meaningful to your audience so that every time you post you are adding value in some way. Having 3-5 designated subjects that your content is built around is also essential. By incorporating a direct call to action that leads your audience to comment on your posts on Instagram or ask questions on Twitter, your followers or visitors will be encouraged to engage and comment on your content, share their thoughts below or highlight questions. Your content is the perfect conversation starter! Learn my 5-step process on how to create content that connects with your target audience in this article.

Govern trust by sharing your story

In order to establish authority, you need to build trust with your audience and understand who you, the brand, are. It's important to understand that people make strong emotion-based decisions and this means that your audience will buy from you because of who are, not what you offer. It's vital to build your relationships and engage with your audience, with the embodiment of transparency and authenticity through your content. Are you taking the first step in deepening the communication with your audience, or are you expecting them to engage with someone they don't really know? It's important to understand that as the brand you need to take time for deep introspection and become solid on your values and messaging. This ensures that you are aware of how to position yourself in front of your audience. A key way I like to govern trust is to simply share more of my personal story and experiences and tie them in to my content. Relatability is something that urges people to react because it simply connects similar people. Your PERSONALity within your brand is so powerful once you pair that with your value!

The power of call to actions (CTA)

Truthfully, the power of call to actions can be underestimated. Including call to actions throughout your marketing channels does not only drive sales but can also increase awareness and boost audience engagement significantly. In order for your call to actions to be successful, it's important that you have already produced compelling content and established an emotional connection with your audience. Through ending your content with a direct call to action based on the type of content (Educational, Inspirational, etc.), you can can lead people to your desired behavior. This could be encouraging them to comment down below, sign up your latest offer or join your mailing list. Whatever it is, ensure you are clear on the end goal.

Nurture your tribe

Your engagement really does not come to a halt at your social media platforms, using another means of nurturing your audience is important to maintaining a loyal and engaged community that will buy from you. It's important that when initially engaging with your audience, you understand your overall marketing system and what the outcome is. Once this is solidified, you can begin to track and analyze the efforts that you're putting forth. Tools such as mailing lists and Facebook groups are a great way to consistently pour into your community and nurture them to know, like and trust you while you add value on a more personal level. Once this is established, this would all eventually lead them to one of your offers and services where you can continue to establish strong relationships while operating in your zone of genius!

Effective conversations with your audience will always nurture them and eventually lead to conversions.

If you're ready to build your engagement strategy and have a custom marketing plan to attract your ideal audience, check out my Content VIP DAY!

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